PPE Expert Stephen Petty, The Truth About Cloth Masks & N95s (Includes Presentation Slides)

1 year ago

Source video (I added the slides to it)

Industrial Hygienist and PPE expert Stephen Petty’s presentation to the New Hampshire Senate and Human Services Committee in March of this year. Some of you will have seen this presentation already, but I found a PDF and a video that had some of the slides that were in the hand-out Stephen gave to the Committee members. I've reformatted those slides and added them to the original video along with a few other video clips. What Stephen Petty presents here makes a complete mockery of what we’re being told about masks here in New Zealand by people like Epidemiologist Michael Baker and Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, both of whom also feature briefly in this video.

PDF of Stephen's presentation:

The Petty Podcast

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