Episode 70: New Zealand Awakening with Damien De Ment and Pastor Carl Bromley

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CSM contributer & favourite Damien De Ment joins us tonight for a reflection on Saturday's Freedom rally at the Auckland Domain.

The Counterspin team went to cover the Freedom and Rights Coalition protest along with the Mark Graham "counter protest" on Saturday and were assaulted by a supporter of the counter protest.

We show the footage of the perpetrator and we need your help to identify them and hold them accountable.

We discuss the Great Awakening as a response to the Great Reset, touching on what's happening in the U.S.

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This is followed by the wonderful freedom loving Christchurch mayoral candidate Pastor Carl Bromley who discusses the abuse & attacks he has suffered at the hands of left wing extremists and also lays out his vision for a healthier and more honest Christchurch City Council.

Carl covers his idea of a united front of Freedom parties to bring the true awakening to NZ.

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