Planet 🌎 Homemaking Podcast - Pioneers of The Great Awakening Series - Session 4: Amazee

1 year ago

Planet 🌎 Homemaking Podcast - The Pioneer Series are interviews with awakened individuals from all walks of life who are dedicated to help create a Real Home World.

Planet 🌎 Homemaking focuses on informing of Earth’s present situation and helping us heal our misunderstandings of reality so that we may contribute our own unique genius and the brilliance of our spiritual heritage towards building the foundation of a Real Home World.

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Session 4:

Movement & Vocal Sound Healer / Body Pain Healing Coach


Amazee offers her life experience with 10 years of chronic back pain to assist along your journey with body pain, helping you understand, love and listen to your pain to then allow healing to take place. She does this through activating the body with Vital Danza®, a dance method assisting you to heal the body, practicing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) shifting belief systems and perceptions, assisting you with pain management and being accountable for your shift into a conscious new way of living, bringing you into the healing phase you are desperately looking for.


Amazee can assist U with body activation and integration of current new energies on our planet. She creates a sacred space for you to flow, let go, travel light, balance your chakras, open your heart, connect with your personal power to then fly, create and discover your true soul mission on this earth.

Her calling is to assist those who are ascending with her knowledge of dance, her life experience with body pain and her sacred sound and voice gifted to her especially for U to heal.

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