Citizen’s Hearing: Examining Canada’s Covid Response with Sonya Anderson

1 year ago

From June 22-24th, something groundbreaking took place in Canada called the Citizen’s Hearing: Examining Canada’s Covid Response.

Through this inquiry, participants heard firsthand live testimonies from scientists, legal experts, healthcare providers, and everyday citizens about how the management of Covid-19 impacted their professional and personal lives.

The hearing was held in response to the rising demand of citizens wanting questions answered about the management of Covid-19 (by all levels of government).

Questions explored during the hearing included:

Were the measures taken by governments in Canada appropriate to the threat?

Were they based on sufficient clinical and statistical evidence?

Were they suitably focused? How effective were they?

Were there conflicts of interest at play?

Was there enough emphasis on prevention and early treatment? On informed consent?

Was sufficient debate permitted? In attempting to prevent COVID, what other maladies were we ignoring or fostering?

Notable national leaders such as The Hon. Preston Manning, and former CBC journalist Trish Wood, were just some of those who helped moderate the discussion.

The entire archive of the event can be viewed at:

On this show, Sonya Anderson of the Covid Care Alliance joins us to report on what happened and some of the major highlights. This show also features some short segments from the hearing.

Thanks for joining us.

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