5 months ago

Politicians took advantage of COVID Emergency Powers. Time to reaffirm the separation of powers!

Nick Murray - Director of Policy, Maine Policy Institute

The government-anointed “solutions” to get us out of the pandemic have created a bigger emergency than ever. Multiple insurers are reporting excess disability and death numbers that dwarf the number of people actually affected by COVID itself. Unfortunately, the pharma-advertising-dependent media is ignoring this and keeping people in the dark. We will eventually see just how tragic the vaxx and these mandates turn out to be, but politicians have already committed the greatest failure in history – using the excuse of ‘public health’ to justify unconstitutional and otherwise illegal lockdowns.

Sabotaging livelihoods for a declared “emergency” – after the WHO watered down the definition of emergency – states forbade nonessential businesses from serving customers. Some companies ordered employees to work from home, and many were bankrupted. The tyrannical lockdowns and mandates also pushed people of all ages towards mental despair, depression, and suicide. As for the younger children – who rely on facial cues for proper cognitive development – forced masking has set their development back years.

Looking at the country, some states, by ending their declared emergencies earlier than others, suffered fewer hospitalizations and deaths than more authoritarian (mostly Democrat) states. Mr. Murray, Director of the Maine Policy Institute, has been comparing the severity and outcomes of the state emergency crackdowns (aka ‘public health responses’) – and will share what he has learned so we might do better in the future.

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