"It's Slavery" - Senator Malcolm Roberts | Great Reset Truth Bombs

Published August 6, 2022 353 Views

"It's Slavery" - Senator Malcolm Roberts Drops Great Reset Truth Bombs in the Face of Parliament

Calling out supports of Klaus Schwab's WEF / UN "You will Own Nothing" social credit slavery digital ID system:

"Billionaire, globalist corporations will own everything: homes, factories, farms, cars, furniture, and everyday citizens will rent what they need — if their social credit score allows."

"The plan of the Great Reset is that you will die with nothing. To pull of this evil plan, Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum will need to take more than just material possessions from Australians."

"Senators in this very chamber today who support the Great Reset threaten our privacy, freedom and dignity."

He advocates The Great RESIST...
"We stand for a world where individuals and communities have privacy over predatory globalist billionaires and their quisling bureaucrats, politicians, and mouthpiece media"

27 July 2022

Transcript (https://www.malcolmrobertsqld.com.au/one-nation-has-a-plan-for-a-better-australia/)

Full 13min Video (https://youtu.be/0Gam9szQwCw)

More truth bombs by Malcolm:

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