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HEALTH REPORT EP4 - Product testimonial for patented minerals 100% absorbable at the cellular level.

You are what you eat? Better: you are what you absorb. RNA RESET is a reputable company based on a patented process that produces ionic pico meter sized minerals able to absorb into cells 100%. This is unheard of in the supplement world. There is always waste, some minerals only absorbing a max of 30%!

A picometer is one trillionth of a meter. 1 nano sized particle is equal to 1000 pico meter sized particles. This makes a difference in regards to minerals because if the pieces are too large they can't get into the cells properly, which means you remain deficient, and worse may collect as debris. Both situations can cause disease.

Carolyn Dean's unique product line allows the user to start slow and work up to therapeutic doses of minerals with ease due to the liquid form. Therapeutic doses of magnesium, for instance, can dissolve over calcification which can improve heart and joint health.

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