Fully Automatic Cooked Chicken Farm! - Modded Minecraft Live Stream - Ep44 Space Training Modpack Lets Play (Rumble Exclusive)

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Rumble livestreaming is now $10/mo. But I wanted to get in early (got in at $25!), to be the world's first Minecraft channel to livestream directly to Rumble! (As in, not simply re-uploading a Twitch stream).
Did some searching, didn't find any others. I think we're the first! :D

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The Story:

Villagers called you!
You are a train engineer, working in the Asteroid Belt. You had heard about the villagers living on the barren wastelands of the moon, and how lonely it can be at times, to spend day after day, year after year, living in relative isolation with just a few other villagers and a zombie (or two).
So when you received their call, you immediately left your work in the Asteroid Belt. Brought a few starter supplies with you. And set out to build a larger town for those moon villagers to enjoy!

Your Challenge:

1. Survive on the Moon.
2. Transport 100 villagers - Using trains - to 10,000 blocks south of spawn! (Probably to x:0, z:10,000 depending where you spawned)
3. Build a town for those villagers!
- Also, use trains for automation! (Whenever possible)

Your Obstacles:

1. No two "major machines" can be built in the same building. (To encourage the use of trains).
2. Trains can be automated! Use trains to automate item transport between buildings! (whenever possible)
- You decide what a "major machine" is... Does it have to be critical to survival? Simply a unique machine? Or built at scale for massive bulk item production?

This modpack is, basically, built around the mods: Railcraft, and Galacticraft, with a few other mods added as support.

Your Videos/Streams:
Q. "Can I make videos on this modpack?"
A. Generally yes! See the mod download page for details.

Download here:
(Space Training is a custom modpack for Minecraft, that I made)

We have fun!
We play games!
All with clean language commentary.

I do weekly livestreams of Minecraft. Enjoy! 😃
(typically around 6pm eastern time)

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