Devin Nunes: Congress Must Investigate DOJ, FBI, and Beyond in November | Kash’s Corner | TEASER

Published August 5, 2022 2,550 Views

On this special episode of Kash’s Corner, Kash Patel sits down with his former boss, congressman Devin Nunes, now CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group, to reflect on their time in Washington and what it was like trying to expose egregious misconduct in the Department of Justice, FBI, and beyond.
“This was something that we never knew could exist - that you could somehow get a contractor that could become politicized to go out and use the powers of the state to essentially spy on your political opponents…That’s what happened,” says Nunes.
They discuss lessons from the Michael Sussmann trial, what’s coming next in the Igor Danchenko trial, and how Nunes sees the Department of Justice and other agencies being held accountable if the gavel changes hands.
“There's going to have to be an investigation like none that's ever been done before, directly at the Department of Justice and everything below,” argues Nunes.

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