Full Episode #41: Forced Out of Medicine by Vaccine Injury

1 year ago

Join us Thursday, August 4 at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific, for the VSRF Weekly Update.
Steve will be speaking with Medical Professionals who worked tirelessly during the pandemic but then became victims themselves of the dangerous COVID-19 vaccines.

Erica Rhee is a registered nurse going on 12 years. She received her third dose of Pfizer in December of 2021. Since then her life has been debilitating and she hasn’t been able to function for the last 7 months. She has been getting progressively worse with new symptoms every month with no help or treatment from our very own healthcare system. I have been fighting everyday to recover from this injury and will continue to fight to regain my life back again. Erica is here to share awareness of these injuries because no one deserves to be put through this suffering.

Maddy Johnson is a bioscience major at Chapman University. Ever since she was a little girl she had always dreamed of being a doctor. Sadly that dream is no longer possible because of her Pfizer vaccine injury. Over a year later and she still suffers from cognitive issues. Maddy is having to reevaluate her career goals while navigating the not so straight healing journey. Her mother Marah has become a fierce and fearless advocate for the vaccine injured. Marah is determined to give a voice to the silenced, censored and abandoned by writing a book about these injuries called “ Why me.” The true story of Covid 19 vaccine injured and their never ending fight to be heard.

Dr. Jan Maisel initially pursued a career as a virologist, receiving a Ph.D in Molecular Biology from UC Berkeley. After postdoctoral work in Clinical Genetics, she changed course, attended medical school, and then became a board-certified pediatrician. She spent 36 rewarding years as a Partner in a wonderful Bay Area primary care pediatric practice; but her Covid vaccine injury has forced her into retirement.

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