Supply and Demand: The Force Behind a Cup of Coffee

Published August 5, 2022 4,084 Views

Supply and demand are the two forces that decide what we produce, buy and consume. Supply refers to the number of things that sellers make at a certain price. Demand refers to how many goods and services consumers buy at a certain price. And if you go out and get a cup of coffee for $3, it's because the two forces met at this price following a phenomenon known as emergent order.

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Ask your students to search for a Coffee Price Chart and you’ll find a graph showing the price of coffee in US Dollars. Then ask them to find out:
What’s the price of one kilogram of coffee today?
What do they think are the reasons that have caused the price to fluctuate in the past 5 years?

In addition you may challenge them to search for three coffee shops in the neighborhood that charge their customers different prices. Which one sells their coffee expensive and which one cheap? Was that price really set by the owner of the shop, or is it the result of constant changes in supply and demand — and the final price the phenomenon of an emergent order?

00:00 Introduction
00:28 The force of coffee price
01:03 Understanding supply and demand
02:58 Influenced factor
04:11 Emergent order
04:33 Quantity demanded vs demand
05:28 Assignment
05:51 Patron's credits
06:00 Ending

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