6 months ago

You Can’t Reform Healthcare without “Cash Bundles” (and it’s defining the free market specialists)

Lucien Morin - CEO of Savvos Health

An increasing number of entrepreneurs are bringing specialists and health plans together around transparent pricing, enabling patients to shop for the procedure they want. Trump got the government pressuring hospitals to list their prices, but hospitals are resisting this or gaming the system with fake disclosures that don’t help anyone get to a real price. Businesses offering health plans aren’t waiting for the government to fix opaque pricing. They are working with the entrepreneurs to recruit affordable health professionals - often outside the hospitals. This allows their workers to shop on price and quality, and it’s revolutionizing the market.

Today, the alternative health plan marketplace is exploding. Healthcare providers that learn how to work in this new world of third-party payment solutions can tap into millions of consumers that are now driving their own healthcare decisions. Supporting traditional insurance transactions and supporting member-driven choices are not mutually exclusive.

Mr. Morin at Savvos works with creative insurance plans and the exploding alternative payer market which includes “Medical Cost Sharing,” to solve a lot of problems. Savvos makes Immediate Cash Payment a reality for patients, payors, and providers by (1) connecting patients and their health plan with affordable pricing, and (2) ensuring that providers are paid immediately. Shifting to cash bundles - where, for instance, the facility costs, the anesthesia, and the surgeon’s fees are all bundled together – results in savings of up to 90% compared to local hospitals and improves the patient experience through full transparency and communication. What’s not to like?

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