Who Grabbed My Nuts?

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1 year ago

Here is the audio I captured while camping
overnight on a scouting trip where I discovered
incredible tracks. It was July 13th and 14th, 2022.

I left a partially empty
can of nuts with the lid on, centered on my picnic table
on purpose to see if anything came for them.
In the morning the can was gone and I thought I might have
subconsciously packed them back in the truck by mistake.
This audio tells a different story.

The can was just a couple of feet from my parabolic
dish which was pointing away from camp across to
the distant hillside. I had another wireless microphone
about 12 feet in front of my truck in the opposite
direction. You can hear the can scrape then tilt so the nuts
rattle and then it was gone. They didn't hit the ground.
The truck microphone actually picks up running and the tin
making a sound in the distance.

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