Deanna McLeod - Stop The Shots Expert Video - Are the COVID-19 vaccines safe and effective in children?

1 year ago

In our “Ask the Experts” video series, Deanna McLeod provides an analysis of the clinical trial data Pfizer used to determine the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 genetic vaccines in children. The data shows these products cause more harm than good. Her conclusion is that it is time to Stop the Shots.

Deanna McLeod is the principal and founder of Kaleidoscope Strategic, an independent medical research firm that supports Canadian clinicians in preparing world-class evidence-based reviews that advance patient care nationally and internationally. She is also Chair of the Strategic Advisory Committee at Canadian COVID Care Alliance, an independent association of 650 doctors, scientists, and other healthcare professionals dedicated to educating and empowering Canadians with quality, balanced, science-based information about Covid-19.

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