American Transportation Act with Greg and Xan John

1 year ago

Gregory K. Soderberg, was born in America Feb. 14, 1951 in Austin,
Minnesota where he grew up and went to school. He enlisted in the
USMC serving actively from 1970-71 in the Combined Action
Program in Viet Nam, 3rd MAF, 2nd CAG, CAP 2-7-10. He was
Honorably discharged and is a Purple Heart recipient. Gregory
attended college, as an art major and studied philosophy, English
literature and psychology and has been a marketing consultant for
40+ years. He is an artist, outdoorsman, conservationist; was
Candidate for Minnesota Lt. Governor in 2006 & 2010 and for six
years co-hosted the Wealth Money Internet Radio Show. Gregory is
author or co-author of several books on how creating all money as
unpayable interest-bearing debt is involuntary servitude; its
consequences and the principle that must be changed to restore
Freedom, Justice, Prosperity and Independence to Americans. He’s
advocated for a return to a Debt Free medium of exchange since
1992 and is co-author of the Original AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION
ACT. Be a Debt Freedom Friend!

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