Live From America 8.4.22 @11am EYES WIDE OPEN | EXPOSING EVIL! THE LFA WAY!

Published August 4, 2022 12,303 Views
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Tribute to Indiana Rep. Jackie Walorski - Setting records on Rumble - DC Gulag Political Prisoner says RAY EPPS recruited him! - Tim Scott of South Carolina came out of the closet - AZ is playing games with Kari Lake and the Ultra Maga universe...they better be careful! - State Dep. approves $3 billion missile sale to the Saudis! - They utter hypocrisy of the left with Covid vs Monkey Pox - San Diego school will teach kids that heterosexuality is bad - Iowa Parents sue school district over keeping kids gender transition secret! - My campaign has officially started and will ramp up fast this August!


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BREAKING: Rumble is now public & listed on Nasdaq as $RUM