Spirit Talks Part 2 - The Awakening Experience That Changed My Life

1 year ago

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These panel speakers share their powerful stories of overcoming adversity, sexual and drug abuse, bullying and the moments of growth, self acceptance and awakening they experienced throughout their lives which have brought them to where they are today, living, serving, being and changing people's lives.

➡️Our Spirit Talks Panel Speakers:
Natali Brown - www.natalibrown.com
Rach Williams - www.holisticnurse.com.au
Angel Aquarian - https://www.facebook.com/Honoringthes...
Alyse Young - www.youngalyse.com
Allan Dahlitz - https://www.facebook.com/allan.dahlitz

Join the conversation at https://natalibrown.com/spirit-talks/

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