7 months ago

GOP Poll Challenger Is Thrown Out of Detroit Absentee Counting Center Over Challenging Ballots-2022

An Independent poll challenger was kicked out of the Huntington Center (formerly the TCF Center), where absentee ballots were being counted from the primary election on August 2, 2022. Detroit Elections Security (ICU) and a Democrat poll challenger began following the male GOP poll challenger around the room because they didn't like him asking so many questions or challenging them when they would tell him to do something illegal. The security became agitated when the GOP poll challenger started questioning the authenticity of a ballot and physically removed him from the counting center, where he was met by a Detroit Police officer who, like the rent-a-thugs hired by the Detroit Election officials, didn't understand election law. The poll challenger brilliantly pleads his case and cites election law, but he is refused entry and forced to leave the building.

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