Protect your Children. Check your State for Dangerous Mental Health & Behavioral Programs

1 year ago

Mental Health Podcast Disclaimer From Chelcie:

After further research, I realized I made an error in reporting the process for amending electro convulsive code. House bills that were proposed for amending this code were never adopted. All amendments made were made under the Office of Administrative Rulemaking Act. A bill prohibiting this treatment on anyone under the age of 18 was proposed. Another bill requiring informed consent, listing some of the known side effects of treatment, was proposed as well. The specific side effects listed in that bill include permanent memory loss, hemorrhaging of the brain, cardiac arrest, additional permanent problems, and death. This same bill would also require any autopsies of death, that resulted within 14 days of treatment, to be reported to the state. Both of these bills were struck down and never passed.

Listen to Chelcie Hope's extraordinary concern and research she has done in the state of Utah!

These draconian programs apply across the US.
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Our children are under attack. How Open Society implemented their agenda without having to pass a bill through the State. Buried deep no one to see. Mental Health - Psychology - Survey - Data

Mental and behavioral health and electroshock in our schools.

Doing psycho surgery (brain surgery) in several other states. This will be tied some to Blockchain.

Chelcie will go over of the language they use and how to understand what they are saying and what certain things mean so that the audience can take action in their state.

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