TURBO CANCER: Swedish pathologist notices dramatic increase in fast growing cancers among vaxxed

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Swedish pathologist dr. Ute Krüger has 25 years of experience in pathology and 18 years in breast cancers diagnostics. As a pathologist, she not only analyzes tissues from the dead, but also from the living.

Dr. Krüger is finding the same disturbing dramatic rise in cancer among the COVID vaxxed as dr. Ryan Cole.

Her vast experience allows her to differentiate less and more aggressive tumors. Over the last year she has seen the following trends:

1. Cancer in younger and younger people, even as young as 30 years
2. Tumors seem to be larger than before. Tumors of 3 cm in diameter used to be rare, but now even tumors of 8 cm size are no longer rare, and even tumors of up to 12 cm occur with outliers up to 16 cm which took up the whole breast!
3. It is not uncommon to see multiple tumors in the same breast or tumors in both breasts at the same time (bilateral).
4. The tumors grow much more aggressively than before 2021: they have less connective tissue, larger cells, and more actively dividing cells as indicated by Ki-67. This could theoretically be due to lack of early treatment, since patients might be reluctant to seek care. However, this phase is clearly over and the trend did not abate, so it's likely not due to delayed treatment.
5. More and more who have previously been cured from cancer, sometimes for even 20 years, are getting cancer again (recurrence). Relatively soon after COVID injection, tumors 'explode'. They spread extremely fast in the body and the patient dies within a few months.
6. Patients with tumors arising in different organs at the same time, which was very unusual before 2021. An example case was a woman who had been diagnosed with breast, lung and pancreatic cancer at the same time, which is very remarkable and unusual.
7. An increase in rare tumors. (This specific point was mentioned at the end of the video.)

Dr. Krüger reports all cases of cancer suspected to be caused by the jabs to the authorities. One clinical investigator was interested and wanted to find out more, but a meeting that was being planned was canceled the next day. The person was soon replaced. Apparently the Swedish authorities don't like to know about jab injuries. They prefer to stick their head in the sand, just like basically all other 'health' authorities in the world.

Ute has requested help from fellow pathologists. They could for instance share data and insights, which would help them to learn faster. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, she has received very little response.

She has had a conversation with Miriam Reichel, a woman with cancer who was given only 8 weeks to live, but who has survived for 16 years and counting due to a combination of mental training, specials diets and other interventions. It's clear that allopathic cancer treatment is at best only a partial answer. The video has received more than 1300 comments, with many noticing a likely connection between the COVID injections and turbo cancer. See (video in German):


It has already been scientifically proven that spike proteins of the novel corona virus impair DNA damage repair in vitro (=outside the body, e.g. in a petri dish), which would likely lead to cancer. See:

SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro

The observations by dr. Krüger prove that the same likely also happens in vivo (=in living organisms).

Another canary in the coal mine is that all pathologists are overworked with more tumor samples now than before.

Although dr. Krüger has very little time for autopsies since she's so busy with cancer, she did do three recently. These people were likely vaxx fatalities. She encountered Guillain-Barré, myocarditis and vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels) which can lead to a fatal hemorrhage. These diseases can all be caused by spike proteins and/or the immune system attacking transfected (='infected' by the jab) cells in an auto-immune attack.

A second opinion showed that a primary autopsy report, which found no relation between the death and the jab, was likely wrong. Many lymphocytes were found in the heart and in blood vessels in the lung. These lymphocytes should not be there, and are an indication of severe inflammation. Blood clots were also found. A German pathologist who was consulted on this case (likely dr. Arne Burkhardt), agreed that this death was likely caused by the injected Kool-Aid.

Problems noticed by dr. Krüger:

1. Incorrect or insufficient information provided by clinicians, e.g. regarding vaccination status of the deceased. Several cases were reported as 'unvaccinated', but the clinical file showed that deceased was indeed vaccinated.
2. Many pathologists neglect to do microscopic examination (histological examination). This has the risk of leading to faulty determination of root causes. For example, it may be assumed that a heart attack is caused by a blood clot, but a microscopic examination may show that both the heart attack and the blood clot were caused by inflammation (which in turn was likely caused by the toxshot).
3. Lack of experience in evaluating microscopy findings. Also, many pathologists don't seem to want to acknowledge the elephant in the room.
4. Hardly any pathologist reports suspicious cases of vaxx injuries and death.

As a result, the official statistics and pathology reports are extremely unreliable and underreported.


The COVID inoculations seem to induce both much more cancers and rapid growing cancers ('turbo cancer') and auto-immune disease. The tumors may be related to inflammation. The cases seen by pathologists are likely to be only the tip of the iceberg.

Dr. Krüger is feeling both weary and helpless. She's seeing people being killed, but there's little she can do about it. People tune her out and colleagues even question her competence. Colleagues see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.


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👆 See the description of this video, which also mentions possible mechanisms and many references.

SOURCE: https://rumble.com/v1do1rb

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