The Digital Takeover is here- So how do we stop it? UN Series Episode 4 | Section 3

1 year ago

This is Episode 4 in our UN series- this is section 3 and final video to the Digital Takeover of the U.S.
In this video we go over what is coming in the digital takeover. This video goes into some of the nitty gritty details of what's coming like Digital ID, Blockchain, Human Capitol and the worst of all your finances will be taken over so you have no control! We are one second away from a social credit score- in fact it's here just waiting to be FULLY activated.

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us- we have to push back. Hopefully this helps you educate those asleep, or those barely waking up.

This works for Utah and ALL other states. The PDF is in the link below.

To follow Utah Freedom Coalition:

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