Interview with Guy Reffitt from DC Gitmo on the Eve of His Sentencing

1 year ago

The brokenhearted father spoke to us from his cell in DC Gitmo, where he has spent most of the past year and a half in solitary confinement similar to the type of confinement reserved for those on death row. The Government is asking Judge Dabney Friedrich to sentence Reffitt to at least 15 years in prison on Monday. Prosecutors argue that an “upward departure for terrorism” is warranted in Reffitt’s case, which would lead to a significantly longer sentence if the judge agrees to apply it. Which means Reffitt will serve time for terrorism, although he was never convicted of it by a jury. With the terrorism charge enhancement, Reffitt’s attorney Clinton Broden said the sentence imposed can be as high as 60 years.

We interviewed Reffitt via recorded line at DC Gitmo, where he opened up about his hopes of a miracle and the Judge letting him go home to his family. He spoke of the precious few moments during his sentencing when he will get to catch precious glimpses of his wife and daughters and how the thought of that moment has gotten him through tough times. (Unfortunately the courtroom requires face masks, therefore Reffitt will not get a full glimpse of any of his family's faces.)

Reffitt also mentioned that no matter the outcome of his sentencing, his family has pledged not to react. This is similar to what Reffitt said to us during his trial- "We will never show them that they broke us."

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