7/28/22 Tacky Thursday - President Jawbone Harris. *um On Man!

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We are officially going into a recession , Resident Joke Biden looks and sound different every time he's on camera... Will he be going away leaving us with President Jawbone Kumguzzler Harris .

1. More Proof theres no war going on in Ukraine A concert in Mariupol Ukraine. I thought this place was supposed to be a war zone , Why did we send $54 billion to Ukraine, so Zelensky & his wife could pose for Vogue?

2. MSM WORRIED ABOUT ILLEGAL MIGRANTS HAVING A HOME AND FOOD NYC Migrant Crisis to Cover Shelter System Violations NBC New York

3. Jean-Pierre- "Republicans are using migrants as a political tool. more reflection by the Demokkrats because they use migrants as a political tool

4. Nick Tyrus calls out newly elected RINO Myra Flores voted for amnesty

5. Black Mammy says It’s safer for a black woman to get an abortion than to give birth because “most of the time, black women die during childbirth

6. Recession Meaning Under Trump now it changes under Resident Biden

7. Here’s the two videos back and forth of Resident Joe Biden. Pay attention to his physical appearance and his voice. Again, both supposedly from today, both only a few hours apart. What the hell is happening here

8. The average human blinks 12 times per minute, in this 34 second clip Biden doesn't blinks once. What's going on here

9. Welcome to Biden's America where Jawbone Kamala Kumguzzler Harris is more worried about pronouns than the real issues that are plaguing everyday Americans

10. Then a Latina and White liberal introduce themselves , their race, pronouns , and color of clothing they are wearing.. More clown world BS from the DemoKKKrats

11. Steve Bannon this had to happen, the people had to see it

12. On Monkeypox, is the administration encouraging all Americans to get vaccinated...?"KJP- "You should...have that conversation with your medical provider

13. Tucker says how did they release a vaccine didn't know the long term effects of the drug

14. New England Journal says Unvaccinated patients are contageious for LESS time than vaxed & boosted.
a.) The UNvaccinated Will Be Vindicated! We Are the Control Group

15. This is NOT normal... UK Funeral Director John O'Looney talks about what he's been seeing post-mortem for people that have taken the jab

16. You have the right to refuse.#ArriveCANT precursor to Digital ID

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