MSNBC: Suurta heräämistä on mahdotonta pysäyttää - Q:n teemat ovat nyt valtamediassa

1 year ago

MSDNC just lamented that the Great Awakening is unstoppable and the ideas that Q supposedly brought to the table have become mainstream.
They are upset that terms like groomer and deep state have become part of the mainstream lexicon and that we are winning the war of ideas.

We have become far more powerful during the precipice because everyday that goes by the truth is revealed more. They can't stop it.

(He almost said normie but caught himself btw)

When talking about Q vernacular he almost used anon vernacular. Top kek

You can’t kill an idea.
And anytime 10% of a population holds and unshakable belief, the majority of that population will go on to hold that belief.

We are way past 10%

Just a matter of time.
All we have to do is never quit.

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