In WI. You Can Order an Absentee Ballot for Friends Family or a Mule

1 year ago

H.O.T. President Harry Wait Letter to WI Officials:

SUBJECT: The ease of harvesting election ballots online is nothing short of stunning. Significant vulnerabilities at Request An Absentee Ballot ( ( have been identified where anyone with a smartphone or computer can order an absentee ballot online in someone’s else’s name and have that absentee ballot sent to an address other than the registered voter. All you need is the date of birth.

Further, the I.D. of anyone requesting these absentee ballots is not requested or required.

Yesterday evening to prove how easily absentee ballots can be nefariously ordered, I went online and successfully ordered absentee ballots in Cory Mason( Racine Mayor) and Robin Vos’s (Speaker of WI Assembly) name to be shipped to my address.
I selected these two high profile public figures because they are scofflaws, have no respect for law and are among the most disingenuous and notorious fraudsters within our state. Both in their own way have contributed to the demise of the public’s lack of confidence in our elections.I will of course return their absentee ballots should they arrive.

To further support and verify our findings, I obtained permission to order absentee ballots from numerous individuals from around the state and successfully ordered their absentee ballots to be shipped to my address without their assistance. These efforts verified that a very large-scale absentee ballot harvesting scheme with nefarious intentions is easily accomplished due to a lack of a secure website along with the maladministration and malfeasance of WEC officials.

Recognizing the destruction of our republic is imminent with continued voter fraud, the need of an informed public is paramount. We will be providing the public with these recent findings immediately.

I stand ready to be charged for exposing these voting vulnerabilities when I ordered Mason’s and Vos’s absentee ballot online, all without providing a photo I.D. or identifying myself.

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