GemComms w/Q'd Up: What is Discernment

Published July 27, 2022 4,126 Views
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GemComms w/Q'd Up: What is Discernment
What is Discernment?

Have you ever wondered just what is discernment? Why is it so important in todays world? Join us Wednesday night for Gem Comms for a journey that may help you answer that question. We will also explore the recent explosion at Hoover Dam [& THAT rabbit hole!]; what Infiltration instead of Invasion really means & of course-all the symbolism that "they" flaunt in our face all the time!

Be sure to set your alarm for 7 pm eastern and come join us in chat on on Wednesday night to learn what we have put together for this weeks GemComms show. Invite some friends and come on over. We are looking forward to seeing you all then.

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We're here to inform the Patriot's how the enemy uses Gematria to communicate (we don't use it ourselves)

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