UNCENSORED: The Fatal Truth about COVID Vaccines

1 year ago

On Demand | UNCENSORED: The Fatal Truth about COVID Vaccines

Big Tech and medical elites have forbidden free discussion about COVID-19 vaccines. Why? Distinguished medical careers and reputations ruined, social media accounts erased, and the truth buried — all in the name of “safety.” If the facts are not exposed, our loved ones, children, and republic are in grave danger. BlazeTV hosts Steve Deace, Sara Gonzales, and Daniel Horowitz rip the mask off and go where most media fears to tread. Renowned cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough joins to discuss his fight against COVID censors and reveals the evidence showing that our experiment with COVID-19 vaccines has failed us. Why are we barred from questioning vaccine side effects? Why is there forced silence? Does this forced silence really mean the vaccine fallout is worse than any of us could imagine? It’s time to ask honest questions, without fear of censorship. Because this is still America. Right?

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