Lori talks about God and family, single women married to government, and more

Published July 26, 2022 20 Views

There are a huge amount of kids that are growing up and God is not first in their family.

Lori explains of a couple many years ago saying that the woman got pregnant and it was talked about that the couple would not get married because the woman’s mom convinced the woman not to get married so that the government would give the freebies as a single mom. What a sad message. That's the government dictating to you that if you want “the freebies” you just have to do as we “the government” tells you. We all know that it comes from the taxpayers. When we have the government saying if you do this, we will give you this. Is it any wonder why God has been taken out. So when Trump came into office, it was a relief because he understood the top priorities of the average American family.

WE can’t get the current administration to go to the border instead they want to claim that the climate is a national security risk.

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