PART 2: Got Mold? Hope Not. With Jason Earle

Published July 27, 2022 16 Views

Well... this may not be top of mind for most people. Mold can be tremendously detrimental to your health and your LIFE. I've personally have had to deal with remediating mold from our attic which if not found before we moved in could have potentially gotten myself, my wife, and my dog very sick. It cost the seller of the home we were purchasing at the time around $15,000 dollars to remediate. Thank god we had a friend come in after the home inspector left to look around. All he did was open the attic and said... YOU CAN'T BUY THIS UNTIL THIS IS FIXED. There was black mold throughout our whole attic from leaks in the roof.

The lesson learned was, when purchasing the house, find out if there was a recent mold test done recently that you can see the results of.

So now you get to learn about our great guest we have for you today. Jason Earle. Here's a litte about him.

Jason Earle is a man on a mission. An adoring father of two boys in diapers, incurable entrepreneur and indoor air quality crusader, he is founder & CEO of mold inspection company, 1-800-GOT-MOLD?, and the creator of the GOT MOLD?® Test Kit.

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