Gateway Pundit Interview w J6 Political Prisoner Andrew Taake from the US Penitentiary Lewisburg

A January 6th defendant that is being unconstitutionally held pretrial by the Biden Regime is pleading to the public for help in obtaining proper legal counsel.

From his tiny cell, 33 year old Andrew Taake of Houston, Texas described to us what pre-trial prison time is like for a non-convicted Trump Supporter awaiting trial at United States Penitentiary, Lewisburg. Meanwhile, actual convicted murderers and rapists in the prison are treated better with access to amenities that J6'ers are prohibited from using.

J6'ers are apparently deemed too dangerous to mingle with the actual murderers and gangsters at the Penitentiary and are instead forced into an individual unit where they spend their small allotment of "recreation" time in individual cages.

According to Taake:

"January 6'ers "rec" time is spent in what is literally like a hamster cage. As if we are guilty of severely heinous crimes. We are inside of a small cage behind a fence with razor wire on it, behind a wall with razor wire all over it, and we’re still pretrial. They’re one man cages and you are separated from the others.

We’re treated like second-class citizens here because we’re pretrial in a penitentiary, which is pretty unprecedented. And since we’re in a penitentiary, they keep us completely separated from everybody that’s actually been found guilty. Which that means that we don’t get to make use of the rec yard at all, we don’t get to go to the weight room, we don’t get to go to any church services. We don’t get to go to the library or the law library. There’s actually even a music studio here because it’s a penitentiary. We don’t get to do any of that."

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