OFF HAND • EP39 • Brandon Holthaus • Proper Chronology Of The End Times

1 year ago

What is the proper chronology of the end-times? Will the Anti-Christ rule and reign from the beginning of the tribulation? What starts the tribulation? Where are we in relation to the timing of the rapture and the beginning of the tribulation? These questions and more will be answered by Pastor Brandon and myself as we sit down to discuss and clarify the proper timeline of the end-times. If you don't have a complete grasp or understanding of what's time come, then you're in for a treat. I pray you're blessed and informed by the content you're about to watch. Enjoy!

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I am Pastor Brandon Holthaus, and I want to welcome you to our Rock Harbor Church’s Rumble Channel. We desire to reach people with the truth; believers and unbelievers alike. We connect dots of events that are happening in the world from a Biblical perspective and also a prophetic perspective. We offer prophecy updates, discipleship lessons, and sermons to help people grow in the Lord and come to the knowledge of the truth.

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