7/25/22 - Axetruth Manic Monday Madness Show

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The recession has begun, the White House changing the definition of a recession , gas lighting the American people.

1. Matt Gatez said the women at the abortion rallies are fat overweight and ugly

2. Trudeau Says ‘Climate Change’ is “Important For Our Bottom Line , who gave him this bad haircut

3. Jack Otto, famous for his forbidden knowledge on how the New World Order and Illuminati were founded.

4. Young Akatas being defiant w/ the police wannabe wiggers calmed it down while the Akatas get turned up gets arrested

5. In Rainbow Skittles news- Section 8 Sissy / Black Activist Grifter Gazi Kodo (Augustus C. Romain) get arrested for kidnapping & rape .Gazi arrested Warrants reveal new details in Fayetteville kidnapping, standoff at Black Hammer home

6. Teacher who’s also a drag queen shows his classroom covered with LGBT decor which he turns into a “nightclub

7. At least 181 K-12 educators charged with child sex crimes in first half of 2022

8. I’m Not Going to Define it From Here” – Karine Jean-Pierre When Asked What is Exactly the White House’s Definition of a Recession

9. WHO experimenting on humans again with these vaccines because they do NOT KNOW what exactly it will do to those who take them

10. Woman explains the nightmare she's going through with her Ecezema after taking the Covid19 Vaccine ”They didn’t warn those with #autoimmune diseases that vaccines can trigger/make them worse

11. Subpoenas have been served to Anthony Fauci & other top government officials

12. Arizona Decertification of 2020 election HCR2033

13. We have to abolish all Covid mandates and lockdowns, re-hire every patriot who was shamefully fired from the military with an apology. We have to give them an apology and all of their backpay.” Donald Trump

14. Trump is coming to DC is the White House tracking that

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