SCP113 - Military delivers devastating blow to Trudeau! Artur Pawlawski destroys Alberta in court!

Published July 25, 2022 330 Views

CORRECTION: Nadal video is from 2011. However he did have to leave a game for chest pain 4 months ago.
We are reaching game over in Canada for Trudeau and the globalists. Massive legal wins back to back vindicate anyone targeted by lockdowns, arrests and tickets. Canadian Military is done with vaccines, mandates are gone, nail in the coffin for Trudeau's globalist plans. Rafael Nadal has Vax attack on camera. WHO majority against monkeypox declaration. NHL star players leaving Canada. Home CANNIBALISM kit reported on fox news?!?! SO MUCH MORE news and analysis, the globalists getting destroyed in Canada! It looks like the end is near for the traitors.

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