6 months ago

Is the Globalist Control Scheme So Disturbing that State’s Should Consider Secession?

National political differences are indeed pushing some in that direction.

Marcus Ruiz Evans - CEO, YesCalifornia
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The 70% California opposition to Trump’s 2016 presidential election drove enough residents in that state to sign a petition to place secession on their next ballot. Opposition by one-third of the U.S. population to the federal COVID mandates and policies is opening the eyes of other states to the possibility that America might be a better country without formal ties to the Washington, DC swamp.

There are plenty of other issues here at play, too, apart from health coercion, and it’s not just conservatives or anti-Trumpers who want out. Many states over the years have nullified federal laws they did not want to comply with, such as various federal drug and immigration laws.

Mr. Ruiz Evans will talk about the various “localism” movements across the country, and will focus on his “Calexit” project that started in 2014 after his book, “California’s Next Century 2.0”. It only grew to international fame, though, with the election of Donald Trump in 2016. 32% of Californians according to two polls said in 2017 they wanted “immediate secession”, with an additional 15.7% saying they were open to discussing the idea and not opposed to secession. This meant that almost half of California was willing to entertain the idea of secession in 2017.

5 years later, with the overturning of Roe V Wade, Calexit is back on the minds of Californians. Three separate articles by Joe Mathews, Tom Elias, and the SF Chronicle have all come out arguing for secession for California in response to this SCOTUS ruling that offends CA values. It appears the idea of Calexit will always be with Californians looking at these trends.

He’ll describe the benefits of a more federalist structure – where states offer significantly different opportunities for individuals with irreconcilable differences.

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