Fauci urges caution when introducing new vaccine: Harms may take decade to become apparent (1999)

1 year ago

"There has never been a successful vaccine against a retrovirus, and many scientists are beginning to believe that a vaccine against AIDS may be impossible to make and too dangerous to test."

In 1999, Anthony Fauci warned that the potential harms of a new vaccine may only become apparent after more than a decade.

"If you take it [the vaccine] and a year goes by, and everybody's fine. Then you say, 'Okay, that's good, now let's give it to 500 people'. And then a year goes by and everything's fine. You say, 'Now let's give it to thousands of people'. And then you find out that it takes 12 years for all hell to break loose, and then what have you done?"

He is of course completely right. You have to have healthy humility and realize that you don't know what you don't know. There are both known and unknown unknowns.

Just like there has never a successful vaccine against a retrovirus, there has never been successful vaccine against a coronavirus.

All common sense was thrown out the window starting in 2021, when a barely tested substance based on a completely new genetic technology was injected into the shoulders of billions of people, even the (extremely) low or to no risk cohort.

To make it worse, this 'vaccine' was injected into completely healthy people for a disease that is 'only' 2-3x as deadly as the seasonal flu and where statistically only the old and comorbid are at significant risk.

Additionally, severe disease can easily be prevented and treated with alternatives: adequate ventilation, optimal humidity (40-60%), adequate vitamin D blood levels (> 50 ng/ml), healthy diet/lifestyle, and early intensive combination therapy with cheap, safe, available substances and therapies.

While of course we can't know for certain what long-term harm the COVID jabs will cause, there are already some very strong danger signals regarding:

- Heart disease (cardiomyopathy) from (subclinical) myo-peri-endocarditis
- Cancer
- Infertility and birth defects
- Neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer and Parkinson's. See dr. Stephanie Seneff's work for more information on this subject.


NOVA | Surviving AIDS - Discovery Science Documentary (segment starts around 5m55s)

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