7 months ago

Emergency to all hydrogel graphine black worms morgellons shedding

The first part effects everyone on the planet the graphine oxide in food please buy a neodymium magnet for about 1 pound oir 1 dollar and swipe over food about 1cm or half inch away you will feel magnetic field and it not the packet then take to counter ir manager tell them this causes illness and should not be in food even sue them east case as sealed and just about everything wil now have it second was last night graphine i could eipe hard and it came out my body breaking it down from chips and bio sensors the graphine is food to rhe self esemble nano tech chips sensors made inside the body then if anyone knows somone in uk who can diagnosis me and test my sample to prove everything I've said as true
Most i knew before it was public but had no way of providing it now i can also need a lawyer for about 3 separate thing food drug and swab one DOD and NHS and serco swab ni6 syops big tech cover up have alot and u also have it Ll documented fr9m 2017 on

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