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2022 MAR 15 US Soldier Cast Out a Demon While in Uniform in fast food outlet

Mark 16 vs 17 in action; the Word of God is True and sure and can be trusted

English Translation -

In the name of Christ in this hour this soul belongs to Christ.
Do not hurt him.
He belongs to Christ.
In Jesus name.
No, he belongs to Christ.
In this hour in the blood and mighty name of Jesus
Throw up
He doesn't not belong to you
Throw up. Twice
Now in Jesus name
Out. Out now.
In Jesus name out.
Now. throw it up.
Let's go now.in Jesus’ name.
In Jesus name set him free.
In Jesus blood.
Demin says, "his mine."
She says, "his not yours He belongs to Jesus Christ."
The lord of lords and kings of kings.
Let go out this child. out.
In Jesus name out.
Out in the blood and mighty name of Jesus.
She speaks in tongues.
She repeats, out in the blood and mighty name of Jesus. Several times
Now Throw up. out.
Spirit of depression out
Homosexuality out.
Addiction out.

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