[INTERVIEW] Pandemic Policies Caused A Humanitarian Catastrophe -Dr Pierre Kory

1 year ago

[Iguazu Falls, Brazil] “Not even a question,” responded Dr. Pierre Kory, MD & President of the Front Line Covid-19 Care Alliance, when asked if the “pandemic” should’ve been extinguished a long time ago. But due to unscientific pandemic policies and the rot of corruption having deeply rooted in govts and all major influential industries, including medicine and media, Dr. Kory asserts that a humanitarian crisis is well underway due to the elephant in the room now taking lives and injuring millions, Covid-19 “vaccines.”

Join us for this important exploration into Dr. Kory’s own awakening into the decades-old malfeasance running the medical show, how he himself became a “corporate disinformation tactics” expert after becoming one of the most vilified doctors early on for promoting life-saving Covid-19 treatments, like Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and steroids, vaccine “shedding,” post-vaccine injury treatments and much more…

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