Interview with Holly Celiano -New Financial System - PartI - July 2022

1 year ago

Welcome to our Interview with Holly Celiano to discuss the New Financial System that is being unveiled slowly behind the scenes here at the end of July 2022. This interview is sponsored by The Center of the Advancement of Humanity and is hosted by co-founder Joshua Shapiro (also known as a crystal skull and paranormal explorer).

A bit about Holly's background: Holly was born knowing she is here for some specific on Earth and since a young child, has known she is very strongly connected to God. 11 years ago at age 50, when she learned about what is called the Global Currency Reset (the redistribution of wealth going on now behind the scenes) this is what she found her purpose.

Holly is an activist for awakening humanity and is very much involved with the present global currency wealth transfer. Her Humanitarian Foundation will host 100's of global projects that will be to assisting humanity on a global scale resulting in bringing about a Golden Age and healing for our world. This will be a worldwide, cutting edge Humanitarian Foundation (of which she has already made many powerful connections to work with her) that will bring about the hidden technologies and resources that have been kept secret from us for thousands of years.

Further Holly has contact with some people on the inside who absolutely confirm to her that this New Financial System with Quantum everything definitely exists and that the Quantum Financial System (QFS) has already replaced the old system but has not been publicly announced yet. Further that all new currencies will be asset based or backed by precious metals and the various currencies from all the countries of the world will have the same value. Truly an amazing new world coming for all us - with visible signs of these miraculous changes happening perhaps, this year of 2022 is done!! :-)

As Holly instructed during the interview if any viewer would like to reach out to her, send an email to Joshua at the Center's email at: == subject: I would like to talk to Holly.

Now, in March of this year (2022), Joshua felt inspired to begin to work with other soul extended family members all over the world for the purpose of creating a new spiritually based center called, "The Center for the Advancement of Humanity" - which will be initially share the most important and insightful information about key world mysteries along with revealing the true history and nature of our world. Actually Holly has accepted a role as an advisor for the Center and through her Foundation discussed above, we expect to be working together on many projects to create a more peaceful and harmonious world.

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Thank you and hope you enjoy this video interview,

Holly and Joshua
July 21, 2022

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