8 months ago

Shane Jenkins Appears to Help Jake Lang Save Phillip Anderson

A scene on the West Capitol Steps on January 6th, a few feet away from the brutal police beating and death of Rosanne Boyland. There is an explanation to why Trump supporters were angry and violent. The witnessed the brutal beating of Rosanne Boyland by police and her death right before their eyes. As they tried to help Boyland and another unconscious man, Benjamin Phillips, to safety, police attacked them. In this video, Shane Jenkins (red hat, blue hoodie, black jacket) appears to be helping lift an unconscious Philip Anderson and fight back as police attacked the crowd with tear gas, batons and mace. Anderson blames police for his near death experience, and credits Jake Lang, seen pulling him to safety in the black leather jacket and gas mask, with saving his life. Both Jenkins and Lang remain in unconstitutional pre-trial detention.

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