8 months ago

Alan Dershowitz speaks on the January 6th Hearing and Unfair Trials for J6 Defendants

Alan Dershowitz on "Wiseguys with John Tabacco" speaks to host John Tabacco and contributor Cara Castronuova about the January 6th Hearings and the unfair Trials for J6 Defendants.

According to Dershowitz-
This is the worst atmosphere for anyone who seems to be a Trump supporter to get a fair trial in DC since McCarthyism.  Here you have a committee, a McCarthy-like kangaroo committee hearing triple hearsay, one side of the issue, no cross examination, no opportunity to question anybody and the jurors are all going to be exposed to that and then asked to render a fair trial? As to in my case my defendant was trying to simply protest the process and doing it within the First Amendment? No, there is no chance that fair trial can be had today.

Efforts to try a get a fair jury- it won't work- if jurors from the District of Columbia or the surrounding areas are asked to judge events around January 6th...it won't be a fair trial."

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