Audio of a RI Cardiologist confirming a Brown U Student Covid-19 Vax-Related Myopericarditis Case

1 year ago

Background details here, & transcript, below:
(Informant): “It (coverage of the inpatient service) was very sporadic, at The um Miriam (Hospital), and even in that short exposure I saw three cases, or knew of at least three cases, of probable (covid-19) vaccine-related myocarditis”…
(Informant): “There was another kid, a Brown University student who was volunteering at the (Miriam) Hospital”…
(Dr. Bostom): “And he got vaccinated to do that, right?”
(Informant): “He got vaccinated, and shortly after had a very high troponin (blood test marker of heart muscle injury). It was an old scale troponin. It was like 45, and that would be 4500…
(Dr. Bostom): “4500, exactly, yeah”
(Informant): “What’s that?”
(Dr. Bostom): “Yeah 4500. That’s what they’re reporting; that’s what they’re reporting now (i.e., for post-covid-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis troponin elevations)”
(Informant): “His was high.”
(Dr. Bostom): “Did he have to be hospitalized at least for monitoring?”
(Informant): “He got hospitalized my last night on call. I remember his parents were extremely concerned. I had administrators calling me from down south where his parents lived.”
(Dr. Bostom): “This was a, this was a Brown student?”
(Informant): “Yeah a Brown student.”

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