BKP talks about mass shootings and the comparison between Uvalde and Indiana

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1 year ago

The failure of the 19 kids dead in Uvalde and 2 teachers. The media participated in lying to the public about how the kid got the gun. If we read everything that took place in Uvalde, there was an opportunity to kill the guy before he entered the school. The school property is funded through tax money. The taxpayers fund the schools and buses. How did schools become hallowed ground where you have to ask permission to go into them.

Egregious poor decision making nearly 400 cops gathered at Uvalde school before anyone did anything. The Uvalde police chief tried to negotiate with the shooter. The police chief was the one that wrote the active shooter policy for the school. Your local city police or sheriff and have a couple of inspections on school safety before school starts. The Police Chief was trying to negotiate with the shooter on the other side of the classroom door while shots were fired. It was unorganized because schools are hallowed ground. There are rules on who can go in with a weapon, who can discharge a weapon inside the school. New body cam footage shows cops waiting outside school for 77 minutes while the shooter killed 19 children and 2 teachers. Damning report into Uvalde school shooting reveals systemic failures and egregious poor decision making across state, federal and local law. One of the big failures that is happening in America today that will stop the school shootings, place people in the schools that are trained in active shooting situations and can take down the gunman. Although there isn’t a failed safe plan, we have to start somewhere to stop the madness.

Indiana shopping mall shooter shot by constitutional carry citizen. This isn’t getting much air play because it doesn’t fit the narrative. This can not further their cause. They can’t claim that constitutional carry works. That good guys shoot bad guys. The real hero of the day, the 22 year old constitutional carry law abiding citizen. If a black person with a wrap sheet was involved, we would know more than just a good samaritan.

We the people take our schools back that belong to us and we arm our teachers and allow the police to come in and do what they need to do to stop the insanity.

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