TCRP - Episode 59 - Geoengineering and the HAARP Network with Mitch, The Orgone Donor

1 year ago

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In this week's episode we had fun making ourselves more familiar with the topic of geoengineering, better known as "chemtrails" and how it could be playing a role in tandem with the cellular and radar networks. We interview Mitch, The Orgone Donor, himself. We talk about how our existence is certainly an electric one and how might the networks of today be adversely impacting our lives without us knowing. And can we do anything about it? Are Orgone energy fields a way that the little guy can do their part to counteract the negative aspects of all this increased exposure?

Mitch Joseph's Bio - Since learning about Orgone's ability to combat geoengineering, and neutralize the harmful effects of electro-magnetic fields (EMF), he has created thousands of Orgone Energy Devices and gifted them to the planet. It began in Chicago, Illinois and continues in his new home in Arizona. Like other Orgone Workers all over the world, he has helped shut down the HAARP network of geoengineering and mind control, and continues to destroy the parasitic frequency fence of cell towers, smart meters, wifi routers, and other parasitic EMF sources plaguing the planet.

As an Orgone Energy Researcher, Etheric Realm Repairman, and consciousness-driven science nerd, his primary goal is to shut down the geoengineering agenda impacting the planet.

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