💥 Documentary ~ "A Good Death" ~ Euthenasia Protocols Using Midazolam That Murdered the Elderly in the UK

1 year ago

A Documentary from Ickonic, very interesting and sensitive concerning the Liverpool Care Pathway, and the use or abuse of midazolam and morphine, as well as other techniques which seem to be coordinated.
The UK government applied Nazi style euthanasia protocols to the elderly because the group we're dealing with is the same psychopathic group that grows humans and slaughters humans every 100 years on this planet. All countries following The WHO, The UN and The WEF are involved in the same genocidal policies. Seniors are favored targets for the cult. The cult often refers to seniors as useless eaters.

Fauci's hospital protocols are doing the same thing in the USA:

Source: Ickonic The Alternative
Website: https://www.ickonic.com/

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