6 months ago

Democrat Government “Reportedly to” Extend the “Emergency”

(The only Emergency is the post-VAX mandate Excess Deaths reported by Insurers and the Great Reset’s ‘Depopulate & Control’ Scheme)

Lee Merritt, MD, Orthopedist & Past President, Association of American Physicians & Surgeons
TheMedicalRebel.com, DrLeeMerritt.com

Five times during the course of the entire declared Covid “emergency”, heroic Dr. Merritt has given Freedom Hub her own Frontline Doctor perspective on what obviously is a psy-op for the World Economic Forum’s Global 2030 Agenda, which is. at its core, a fascist coup.

What made Dr. Merritt a household name among Americans who think for themselves is her knowledge of biowarfare; she served as the “surgeon member” of the now-defunct Naval Research Advisory Committee. Also, her tenure at AAPS introduced her to the nationwide network of independent practitioners already aware of the big problem: Government interference in the health market on behalf of the giant special interests – Big pharma, Big hospital networks, and Big insurance. Never did the AAPS endorse mandated vaccines, either. Its professional members and leaders knew that the science lacked the most basic evidence: No true placebo control groups were ever used, nor were the danger signals from the adverse events properly investigated.

Today, her career as a surgeon has evolved – in part because of the complete capture and corruption of medicine – into a practice based more on natural, functional, and regenerative medicine approaches. Running the Enlighten Omaha clinic, Dr. Merritt understands that patients need to turn their skepticism toward the supposed facts they are being told by captured medical authorities. Practitioners need to do so, as well, and to support the building of independent, cash-based practices to get out from under the thumb of special interests.

America must NOT let the criminals who perpetrated the Covid plandemic get away. These are nothing less than crimes against humanity. Because of them, all causes of mortality have exploded by upwards of 50%, according to insurers. Even before Covid, Stanford's research showed that between a third and a half of all medical science was false – which is why more than half of all Americans are now suffering from chronic illness; a health crisis, to be sure.

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