Jim Willie Interview #3

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1 year ago

Latin American Currencies Falling
Iran Maturing As An Economic Force
Reconciliation Fueling Iranian Economy
BRICS Analysis
Evidence Suggests Abe Faked His Death
Treasury Bonds Being Dropped For Gold
Japanese Ditching USD
China Resorting To Health Codes To Stop Withdrawals
Evergrande Bankruptcy Emerging: Default On Bonds
Bank Runs In China
Internal War Within CCP: Financial/Medical Vs. Military
President Xi Engineering Reform
Shanghai Shutdown Targeted Corruption
European Governments In Freefall
Germany, France and Italy Analysis
Eliminating Russian Gas/Trade = Economic Suicide
Marine Le Pen & Macron
Gazprom Escalating Energy War
Netherlands Farmers Leading The Charge
Mario Draghi & Boris Johnson Resignations
Central Bank Digital Currency Wars
Which European Domino Will Fall Next?
Will China Convince Taiwan To Clean House?

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