NHF July 15, 2022 Zoom Meeting

1 year ago

“They” are targeting our food & dietary supplements amidst under-reported vaxx injuries -- that are also endangering our flights for Summer vacation

But we’re using their disability law to set back dangerous wireless antennas from our bedrooms, classrooms, parks & offices

And, we’re going on offense to open the “supply” & “demand” of healthcare

with Guests:

Odette J. Wilkens, Esq., Founder, Wired Broadband, Inc.
Megan Guerrero, Board Secretary, Feds4MedicalFreedom
Joshua Yoder, Co-founder, U.S. Freedom Flyers
Byron Schlomach, Director, 1889 Institute
Scott Tips, President & General Counsel, NHF

Co-Hosted by NHF lobbyist Charles Frohman and PR Director Alex Landry

On the Agenda:
Despite organizing a bicameral group of politicians to pressure the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) not to extend the COVID-19 vaccine emergency authorization to toddlers, NHF was shocked how cavalierly FDA’s puppet advisors green-lighted the shot for which insurers are reporting once-in-a-lifetime explosions (up to 40%) in EXCESS DISABILITY & DEATH. A group of workers for which just-ended vaccine mandates are proving to be particularly worrisome are commercial airline pilots. Airbus First Officer Yoder will detail the fear pilots have to test for post-vaxx heart injury, and how this dynamic endangers the public taking flights for Summer vacation. Please send NHF’s email demanding a right to refuse ANY vaccine, and ending government refusal to report on studies comparing disease outcomes between the unvaccinated and vaxxed.

Hospitals still are killing patients for refusal to treat early with effective therapies. Many patients are seeking natural medicine, too, like NAC. FDA has issued letters threatening prosecution of any manufacturer or retailer who sells COVID-19 treatments, NAC. FDA also is seeking a mandatory listing of all dietary supplements, to ease its responsibility to protect the public. Not only is the FDA exacerbating Americans’ already horrible nutrient deficiency, but also the BioTech interests at the United Nations Codex food trade regulator once again are trying to ease commercial use of toxic glyphosate in food production. NHF President Tips will update his work against this and other threats at the latest Codex meeting, including a shocking new development in Codex food standards, and NHF Vice Chairman Kunin will explain how we helped Natural Products Association lobby Members of Congress to cosign a letter opposing FDA’s Mandatory List, which could bar sales of supplements like NAC (or CBD) the FDA disagrees meet the definition of supplement. Rep. Boyle, a letter cosigner, has been invited to explain his wise decision, as well as advertise his bill to make supplements an eligible expense in the popular Health Savings Accounts-connected health plans. Please send our email urging your politicians to sign the bipartisan Duncan-Cardenas letter, and a second email to expand HSAs.

NHF joined the Wireless Dangers Coalition in signing onto comments submitted on disability to both the Federal Communications Commission and Environmental Protection Agency. As Ms. Wilkens will explain, the comments both sought accommodation for Americans sensitive to the radiation emitted by wireless antenna and other infrastructure. We seek zones without any wireless and setting back of antennas from our bedrooms, classrooms, offices and parks. Fulfilling promises to make wired connections to everyone’s house and office would alleviate much of the wireless threat. Send please NHF’s email demanding wireless monitoring, mitigation & hearings.

Finally, not only has NHF sought improvement in the “demand” side of health care via its project to expand HSAs (see #2 above), but also we now have a campaign to expand the “supply” of health care. Half of the States grant Safe Harbor Licensing exemptions, mainly for natural healers. A couple of States have tried a broader fix to licensing’s cartel problem by testing a system of competitive certification -- that Mr. Schlomach will explain. The result of such a solution would be more healers, and less ability of the government to deny patient preference on practitioners. Send please NHF’s letter to end the quality-smothering licensing cartel.

Send NHF's emails to your politicians: https://thenhf.com/campaigns/

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