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Got Cancer? Heart Disease? Chronic Health issues? The Problem Might be in Your Mouth!

Kelly Gallagher - Health Freedom Advocate, Co-Producer of Vaxxed (and more), and all-around Kick-Butt, Jammin’ Planet founder and Five-time Cancer Survivor

Looking for some health answers or perhaps learn something new? Kelly Gallagher is sure to provide them. She traced her own path to health and healing – and beating cancer numerous times – back to her mouth. Her “silver” amalgam fillings, made of 50% mercury, a known neurotoxin, and carcinogen, had leached the mercury into her bloodstream. Not only did this precipitate her cancer, but it “motivated” Kelly to start her own campaign in the state of California to ban amalgam fillings from dentistry.

After years of lobbying and creating clever and widely covered PR campaigns – like showing up with her attractive posse in downtown LA and testing random business types and politicians with a special mercury breathalyzer – she succeeded. Mercury amalgam fillings were banned in California.

Still, the fight against mercury amalgam fillings has not been fully won in the US because Big Dentistry, like Big Medicine, has been captured. Many dentists who have spoken out about the dangers of amalgam fillings – or fluoride rinses or root canals (as explained below), have had their licenses pulled by the dental boards.

Getting back to Kelly’s story, after spending time with some of “biological” dentistry’s great pioneers – such as Hal Huggins – Kelly learned that how you REMOVED the amalgam fillings was equally important – because improperly removing them could release a lot of mercury… and all at once.

Root canals, Kelly learned, presented another big health challenge – because they effectively left something DEAD – your dead tooth – in your mouth. And dead things breed bacteria. In fact, there is no way to prevent this, as many – researchers and patients – have discovered. And when these often undetectable jaw infections spew toxic bacteria out into the mouth and body, the result is heart problems, lung infections, sinus issues, and ongoing chronic disease. Given that most people are not aware of this, they may not realize that this could be where their health problems are coming from. It is also likely their dentist won’t tell them, out of fear of the dental board.

There is more, too, but we will let Kelly tell you the rest.

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