5G | No Amount of Evidence (will ever persuade an idiot)

1 year ago

No Amount of Evidence (will ever persuade an idiot)
by Conspiracy Music Guru

A truther song about all the dangers of 5g and new level of radiation & how idiots ignore all the evidence.

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I tried to have a conversation
With a man about radiation
The hazardous biological affects
I tried to show him all the proofs
His ignorance was through the roof
The most deluded man I ever met

I showed him how the frequencies
Disorient and kill the bees
I showed him how the birds drop out the sky
I showed him all the many trees
Dying as they lose their leaves
And I showed him the antenna right near by

I showed him all the many places
With judges and the legal cases
People fighting this technology
And I showed him from my science buddies
A thousand scientific studies
But he just laughed and that's when I could see that


No amount of evidence
Will ever persuade an idiot
No amount of evidence it seems
No amount of showing you
A hundred or a thousands proofs
Will ever get your blinded eyes to see
No amount of evidence
Will ever persuade an idiot
No amount of evidence it seems
How quickly with your condemnation
Without real investigation
Sounds like ignorance to me

I showed him doctors speak at public hearings
Protesters on the streets are jeering
They've done their research they know the facts
They've seen all the evidence
They know it's a carcinogen
The W.H.O will tell you that

I showed him the all the scientists
That study and study this
And they've all been appalled at what they found
They petitioned the United Nations
Trying to stop this radiation
They know it's bad and they don't want it around

Technologically destroying cells
Affecting memory as well
Destroying your immune system it's true
Interfering frequencies
Are a threat to the health of humanity
Just research a little a you'll find proof

This new level of radiation
Of wireless communication
Has had no safety tests and that's the truth
I told him to remember that
Coz that's another damming fact
Will you listen when it comes to a street near you


And how bout this observation
You know this new 5th generation
Is using millimetre frequencies
According to the military guys
These sound waves can be weaponised
But you think that's conspiracy theory

Well let me share this information
The military uses this radiation
As a weapon to diffuse an angry crowd
They blast out 95 Gigahertz
It fries the people and they disperse
He looked at me and then he laughed out loud

And you're gonna need a funeral hearse
When you get to 60 GHz
Coz that will really take your breath away
Absorbing oxygen molecules
And they install this stuff near schools
Come on kids let's go outside and play!


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